What We Do

Most small business owners do not get into business thinking about cash flow, strategic planning, or even selling their business. Here at Dakota Business Group, everything we do is designed to help you receive the most from your business. Regardless if you and the business are in growth mode or you are wanting to plan for the ultimate sale. We are here to walk with you the entire journey.

Grow Your Business
• Uncover hidden cash and find lost profits
• Learn how to calculate the break even for your products, services, or job
• Learn how to identify how much is needed to fund growth in the business
• Identifying the HOW
• Strategic planning
• Mastermind groups with fellow business owners
Plan for Success
• Four Critical Questions to Ensure Success
• Identify your three-legged stool
• Know and own the numbers
• Due diligence for growth
• Predictable, consistent, recurring revenue
• Convert our job to a business
We understand that your business means a lot to you and may be your largest investment. Dakota Business Group is committed to helping you grow, protect, and obtain the highest value from your hard-earned investment.
  • "Being a small business owner i thought i had a grasp on my company's financials, but after taking Profit Mastery training i could not have been more wrong. What i didn't know was shocking! After Matt walked me through the program i have a much better grasp and understanding of how to make my company run smoother and much more efficiently. Thank you so much Matt for educating me and helping me understand how my financial can work better for me."
    Crystal Sailer
    Contraband, LLC.
  • "Matt is a pleasure to work with, his calm demeanor, Patience, and willingness to answer any all questions was a breath of fresh air. He truly understands the small businessman and has a amazing understanding of what it is like to own your business and what struggles we have to work with. I highly recommend Matt as a person you will not only enjoy working with, but as someone who can help you take your business to the next level!"
    Jerry Sailer
    Contraband, LLC.
  • "It was a pleasure working with Matt Stone through the sale of my company. Selling a business can be complicated process and finding a trusted resource to answer my questions and coach me through the process gave me confidence that I was making the right decision for myself and our team that has worked hard to make our company successful."
    Holly Beck
    Holly Beck Surveying & Engineering, Inc.
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