Who We Are

Our Commitment to You

You are busy with running your business and tending to family and community commitments. We understand the demands your business makes of you.
Our highly qualified professionals will work with you to develop and customize a plan for your business that will work for your particular situation and meet your needs. We have the professional expertise, along with practical experience working with a variety of different businesses and industries. Even though there are often similarities within businesses, we understand that each and every business and business owner is unique.

We are Committed to:

• Teaching you how to uncover hidden cash and find lost profits
• Aiding in the growth of your business
• Helping you maximize the value of your business
• Maximizing the most you receive from your business
With our unwavering commitment to the highest professional standards in the industry, we can help you develop a plan for your future and the future of your business. As a client, you can expect to receive highly personalized service that exceeds industry standards and is always respectful of your need for confidentiality. Our commitment to you, is to provide you value through our capabilities, processes, and knowledge.

What's Behind Our Logo

Our logo is a small triangle embedded within a larger triangle. The small triangle represents your business. The larger triangle represents your vision for the business. The smaller triangle is offset from center to illustrate the fact your business is always changing and moving. It is dynamic. A dynamic structure requires a minimum of three sides or three points of support to maintain its stability, integrity, and growth unlike a static structure. If one side is not present, the structure will collapse—like a three-legged stool with only two legs.
For example: We can compare this to achieving a successful exit from your business. A successful exit plan or transaction requires these three factors:
With even one of these factors missing, an exit plan is not likely to succeed.
Whether the triangle represents your vision of one day selling your business, improve cash flow, increase profits, or grow your business, three factors or points of support are required.

  • "Being a small business owner i thought i had a grasp on my company's financials, but after taking Profit Mastery training i could not have been more wrong. What i didn't know was shocking! After Matt walked me through the program i have a much better grasp and understanding of how to make my company run smoother and much more efficiently. Thank you so much Matt for educating me and helping me understand how my financial can work better for me."
    Crystal Sailer
    Contraband, LLC.
  • "Matt is a pleasure to work with, his calm demeanor, Patience, and willingness to answer any all questions was a breath of fresh air. He truly understands the small businessman and has a amazing understanding of what it is like to own your business and what struggles we have to work with. I highly recommend Matt as a person you will not only enjoy working with, but as someone who can help you take your business to the next level!"
    Jerry Sailer
    Contraband, LLC.
  • "It was a pleasure working with Matt Stone through the sale of my company. Selling a business can be complicated process and finding a trusted resource to answer my questions and coach me through the process gave me confidence that I was making the right decision for myself and our team that has worked hard to make our company successful."
    Holly Beck
    Holly Beck Surveying & Engineering, Inc.

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Let us help you strategize and implement a dynamic plan to achieve your goals.